School Council

School council 2017-18

School council representatives at Parkgate are chosen by a class election each year. This year we are going to hold a red nose day fundraiser, Parkgate’s got talent (an annual event that all of the children enjoy which raises funds for the Peace Hospice) and many more events in the summer term. At the start of each year, we meet and choose the charities that we will support that year, we ask our classmates and support different charities depending on the suggestions given. We are all very proud to wear our school council badges!

School Council Members 2017-2018



Year Group

Yadleen 3 Robin
Louis 3 Robin
Cienna 3 Owl
Breno 3 Owl
Daisy 4 Heron
Joe 4 Heron
Maisie 4 Puffin
Kalem 4 Puffin
Jaisal 5 Parrot
Becky 5 Parrot
Ayesha 5 Toucan
Jake 5 Toucan
Charlotte  6 Falcon
Tom 6 Falcon
Bobby 6 Falcon


6 Eagle


School Council