Sports Premium

Sports premium (government funding for P.E)


At Parkgate Junior School we have been using our sports premium money to improve the P.E in our school. (The budget for Summer to Summer 2016/7 is £9140.00)


Below are some of the things we have used the money for:


  • Teacher CPD (continuing professional development) – we have hired a professional sports coach, Mr Barrett, who is working alongside class teachers to support them in the planning and delivery of high quality P.E lessons.


  • A free multi skills club run by Mr Barrett, our professional sports coach. This has allowed children who may have missed out before, due to financial issues, to take part in a sports club, taught by a highly trained professional.



Impact of sports premium on clubs for Summer 2016-Summer 2017


1. Number of pupils taking part in clubs:



Summer '16 Autumn '16

Spring '17

2016-2017 total


9/20 5/20




Replaced with athletics for this term 20/20 20/20 40


19/20 20/20 20/20 59


15/20 13/20 20/20 48


20/20 20/20 20/20 60


20/20 30/30 Not on offer 50
Golf 6/15 Not on offer Not on offer 6
Athletics 15/20 Not on offer Not on offer 15
Cricket 20/20 Not on offer Not on offer 20
total/available places 124/155 108/130 90/100 322/385
Percentage of club uptake 80% 83.08% 90% 92%


  • We have a large number of children taking advantage of the wide range of sports clubs on offer.


2. Adaptation of P.E curriculum

Mr Barrett’s Multi-skills club – free.

Dance club – girls, with more boys choosing to join


3. Partnership links

Working within the Francis Combe family with links with:

  • Beechfield
  • Holy Rood
  • Orchard
  • Cherry Tree


 We meet two/three times a year at a network meeting where recently we have been sharing ideas of how best to use the sports premium money. We also receive support for organising intra-sport competitions within schools and training from partnership for junior games makers (playleaders) and elite junior games makers.


Inter-sport competitions with above schools:


Autumn 2016

Year 4 - Tri-Golf Festival

Year 5 -  Fun-Run


Spring 2016

Year 4 - Indoor Athletics

Year 5 - Quick Stick Hockey

Year 6 - Quick Stick Hockey

Year 6 - Indoor Athletics


Summer 2016

Year 6 - Quick Cricket

Year 6 - Athletics




Sports Premium