About the library

Opening Hours:

We are open throughout the school day every day. Pupils can come into the library any time provided they have their teacher’s permission.



  • Children are allowed to borrow up to 2 items at any one time. If you are not yet a ‘free reader’, you must borrow one Oxford Reading Tree stage book and if you like, a library book or audio CD too. If you are a free reader, you may borrow two library items.
  • You can borrow items for up to 4 weeks – after that they will become overdue and you will either have to return or renew the items.
  • Any items long overdue, damaged or lost will have to be paid for.


What you can find in the library:

We have books of course, plus magazines, graphic novels and audio CDs. Our wide range of books includes picture books, ones for children who aren’t quite yet confident readers, titles for those with reading difficulties or dyslexia, dual language titles, books to challenge more confident readers. You can borrow and look for books on our library computer system (Junior Librarian).


Fiction books

These are arranged on the shelf in alphabetical order of the author’s last name. For example, all authors beginning with D are found in one area – Roald Dahl, Terry Deary, Penny Dolan, etc.


Information books

Some people also call these Non-Fiction books. Information books are arranged in number order using a system called Dewey.  Books are divided according to their subject, from numbers 000-999. For example, general books dealing with the Romans are grouped together on the shelf at 937. Look at the ends of the shelves to give you some idea of how it works.


Reference books

Use these books to check certain facts or information. Reference books include dictionaries and atlases. Our reference books are all in the one area with red and white “For Reference Only” spines labels. They must not be taken away.


Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are books that have pictures all the way through to tell the story, like comics.


Audio CDs

These ‘talking books’ are books which have been recorded onto CDs for you to listen to. You will need a CD player or a computer/laptop to listen to them.



We have a small selection of magazines in our library – Aquila, TbK book magazine, First News children’s newspaper, Animal Action. These are currently for use in the library only.


Comic/ Magazine Swap & Wet Play

We have a couple of boxes of different types of comics and magazines in the library. They can be used in 2 ways:

  • You can bring a comic in from home that you no longer want and swap it for one in the box.
  • You can read the comics during wet play or when you get some quiet reading time in class or in the library.



Have a look at the map of the library below to see where you can find what we have.


About the library