El dia de los muertos” - The Day of the Dead

Parkgate Junior School celebrates “ El dia de los muertos

On Tuesday  the 13th November, during the school assembly, a group of pupils from years 4 and 6 have explained what they have learnt about the Mexican tradition” El dia de los muertos” which translates by The Day of the Dead.

Year 4 children have been learning about the different key elements of it, for examle. “las calaveras de azucar”( sugar skulls) which they have been decorating.

In year 6, the research was in depth and they explained its origins and how it lasts 2 nights. The day of the Dead is not the 1st of November as many may assume, but 2nd November. It is a colourful celebration with big parades in all the main streets of cities and towns and also candle-lit long nights with live music played outdoors. Year 3 decided to use this theme for their ART DAY  drawing skulls and skeletons.


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El dia de los muertos” - The Day of the Dead