Food Festival

Mother Tongue Week – International Food Festival

Friday 1st March 2019 at 2.30pm


On Friday, 1st of March, the school opened its gates to welcome food from around the world for pupils and parents to try.

Although a lot of the food was sweet, the savoury food was delicious and came from every corner of the world. It ranged from sushi from Japan to deliciously spiced rice from India. Some of the food did not look very appetising and was either a dark green or brown, however when I tried it, it was deliciously sweet and jelly-like.

The amazing range of food suited everyone and was an amazing experience for all!


By Eva Tyack, International Reporter.



On Friday 1st March 2019, every year group in Parkgate junior school celebrated Mother tongue day because we were away on half term (the actual date for that is the 21st of February). On the day we had some amazing experiences such as a food festival and a few parents came in and talked to us about their country’s traditional food. Martina’s mum taught us the cucumber nursery rhyme in Polish which goes: Ogorek, ogorek, ogorek,
Zielony ma garniturek,
I czapke i sandaly,
Zielony, zielony jest caly


Here is Eva’s opinion

IR: How did you find mother tongue day?

Eva: I enjoyed it a lot and I wish we could do again although I won’t be here L

IR: Did you make any food

Eva: Scones

IR: Such a classic


By CJ Ward

International reporter


Food Festival