Forthnightly maths challenge

Forthnightly maths challenge 3. - due in 23.1.2020


Marvellous measure maths activity
Forget treasure hunts - go on a measure hunt instead! Explore the different lengths of everyday things you see at home. You'll need a tape measure for this activity. Design a poster to show the objects and their lengths. You could convert the measurements. Your work may be chosen for the reception area display board and one person will receive the marvellous maths certificate and prize.

Forthnightly maths challenge 2. - due in 9.1.2020


Snowflake activities

This activity is perfect for chilly winter afternoons! Your challenge over the Christmas holiday is to explore space, shape and symmetry. You have a choice of paper snowflakes or lolly stick snowflakes. Have fun designing and decorating your snowflakes and bring them in the first week back. The best ones will go on display on the maths board and there will be a prize and certificate given to one lucky pupil. Please see the worksheet attached.

Forthnightly maths challenge 1. - due in 19.12.2019


Starting this week we are introducing a Marvellous Maths challenge for the children to do at home. Please encourage your child to try it. We want to promote a love of maths inside and out of school. This fortnight's challenge is 'Maths of Me'. A bigger challenge would be for the children to design their own, include all the family and make comparisons e.g. finding the difference between the height of different members of the family. This challenge is due in on Thursday 19th December. I would like to display excellent examples in school and there with be a prize for the best effort. Good luck!

Forthnightly maths challenge