Foundation Subjects

Art and Design Technology
Art stands both as a subject area on its own and as a part of work in other areas.
It will be our objective to give the children experience, amongst other things, of printing, clay, work, and batik. We will look at paintings and other art objects both ancient and modern.  They will be asked to take part in designing much of the work, which they undertake.  This will be particularly true in design and technology where various construction kits and/or scrap material will be used to produce working or static models.  In all areas of this work the children will be asked to see how well their ideas have worked and how they can be improved.


Through the four years in school we will have covered significant aspects of history from pre-history to the present day. Some may have been covered in some depth depending on a topic. We visit exhibitions on the subject, for example HMS Belfast and also have visitors into school so that we can hold themed days e.g. Roman day.


In Geography we will teach the children to be familiar with maps and their use, to be able to use a compass and have an understanding of direction and bearings. We will cover the main features of the British Isles and link this to aspects of Europe and the rest of the world.


The children have music lessons every week for ½ an hour.  The National Curriculum 2014 covers such aspects as listening, creating and playing.  In addition there are opportunities for the children to learn the recorder, violin, guitar, flute, clarinet and piano, for which a charge is made, and to join the choir, which sings in a local Christmas concert.

Again we point out how much enjoyment can be derived from music both by listening and especially by playing. Until a child has had a go at an instrument, he or she will not know if they have a talent.

Foundation Subjects