Day 1 in Cordoba

What an amazing day we've had.  After travelling for so many hours to get here and a hot and dusty journey, we arrived at our hotel.  Beautiful air conditioning and pool.  Dinner went down well - mainly involving lots of chips.  Miss Ryan and Mrs Croxford lead some games and songs before bed.  


Just after midnight the rooms finally went silent and all we could hear were the crickets.


At 7.30am the girls had to be woken - the boys were up from 6.00am.  The children all had a large breakfast of croissants, toast, cereal, muffins and chocolate milk - yes chocolate milk.  


Everyone went to school after this and they are enjoying themselves. Mr Quintana has just said that everyone is being very friendly and welcoming.  


What a great start to the week!


We arrived at the School to a completely overwhelming welcome.  Balloons, flamenco dancers and the European Anthem being sung at tremendous volume.  It was a very emotional experience for children and adults.  

School is very different!  We had a French lesson, played team games in PE, tasted local honey, made traditional fans and mainly just made lots of new friends.  The day ended at 2.00pm with water based team games.  Mr Quintana said we may get a little damp but he lied - WE GOT SOAKED!


The children have now returned to the hotel for lunch with the children from Victoria Diez School and an afternoon in the pool.

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