Day 2 in Cordoba

Day 2 Cordoba


Morning all.  Today the children are on their way to Cordoba and the Cathedral.  They all slept well and had a fantastic day.  Below is the short blog that Mrs Croxford is sending through on her WhatsApp.  Will post more to the website later. 

Hope you are enjoying the photographs.  The blog below explains some of the photos…


Mrs P


Well not your average Tuesday!  We returned to the hotel with Year 6 from Victoria Diez School who then joined us for lunch.  It was Chickpea stew which had mixed reviews.  We spent the afternoon in the pool wihich was very much needed as it was 36 degrees.  Lots of suntan lotion and sitting in the shade!  No one has burnt. 

After a snack, we went for a walk in the Nature Park.  Eva discovered the origins of her name with a little farming.  We fed the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, deer, sheep, goats and chickens.  Yaqoub and Jaisal decided they’d like to bring the children home.  I wonder how Mrs Pipe feels about Parkgate chickens - She’d love it but don’t think the neighbours would!

Dinner was great; calamari, fish and rice with lots of empty plates.  After dinner we had some down time with diaries and card games.  All tired bunnies and in bed by 10.15 and snoring before 11.00pm Yeah.  Off to Cordoba town tomorrow.


Mrs Croxford and the Cordoba crew

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