Day 3 in Cordoba town

SWednesday, 5th June
No one left behind in Cordoba  

This  morning ALL children had to be woken at 7:30 for an 8 o'clock breakfast. Both schools headed to Mezquita-catedral de Cordoba. The city is truly special and our guide, Rafael explained how the three faiths have shared the space over thousands of years. From the Roman origins to the original mosque site and then the catholic section, it was an incredible experience seeing how the religions shared this space for so long. Yaquob discovered some ancient graffiti left by stonemasons of the time as a receipt of their work. We headed to the Jewish quarter to see the synagogue. The winding streets providing some cool relief from the heat of the day. Cordoba city is busy and filled with tourists but an experience we will never forget. 

The children then went back for a swim and relax. It is great to see all the children relaxing together, Holywell, Victoria Diez and Parkgate. 

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