Day 4 in Cordoba

We started off our day with breakfast before heading off to collect the children from Victiora Diez and then off to Cordoba Town.  A very loud, sing song journey with both English and Spanish songs!  We went to the Natural Park to do some bird watching before crossing the Roman Bridge. We then went to see the patios of the old town.  Individual families create and look after many of these patios and we were lucky enough to visit three of them and to have one owner talk us through how he looks after it and how he waters the pots that are three storeys high.  The children were fascinated with how they are built.  We managed to find a small but packed shop where we unloaded our Euros.  We left with lots of gifts.The journey back to Hornacheulos was even louder but Ayesha and Ariela still managed to doze off in the midst of the noise. 


We returned for a lunch of lentils which was surprisingly popular. The pupils have been truly brave with their food choices and the kitchen have said we have brilliant in our attitude to new foods.  The pool this afternoon was great.  Ice creams all around – thank you Mrs Pipe.  Ayesha and Yashvi competed in diving competitions which were rather impressive.  Maariyah and Georgiana opened a hairdressing salon. 

The evening activity was a fossil trail.  Chloe was the first to spot a whale bone and by the time we reached the lower valley Ryan and Jaisal were pointing our shells and bones of many tiny creatures on the cave walls.  After dinner we settled down for our evening workshop – we learnt about medicinal plants and that came in very handy – Aloe Vera for sunburn and the odd mosquito bite while the orange blossoms, lavender and jasmine were for soothing and relaxing. 

Bags are now packed and snores can be heard from all rooms.  Hopefully everyone will be well rested for our final day tomorrow. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Mrs Croxford and the Cordoba Crew

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