End of Term update

As we near the end of term, I just wanted to give you an update on all that has been happening...


Primary Spaces

Back in February, I applied to Sports England for small playground primary spaces funding to develop the far part of the Maze playground. We have recently heard that we have been awarded a significant amount of money and work will happen during next year.  We will have basketball hoops, ball shooting boards and specialist sports flooring. This is really exciting and the whole school will be involved in choosing colours and patterns etc.


SATs results

Our SATs results continue on their upward trend and we are very pleased with them.  Congratulations and thank you to all the Year 6 children and the staff for all their hard work, throughout the year.



Level 4+

Level 5+

Level 6





GaPS (grammar,punctuation and spelling)

















Curriculum and Assessment

As you know, we will be starting a new National Curriculum in September.  The staff have prepared all year for this, so we are ready to hit the ground running.  Last week, the staff talked to their new classes about what areas they wanted to study so we will have an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum, ready to welcome the children back.


As part of the new curriculum, there is a new way of measuring (assessing) how the children are performing.  There are no longer levels and instead children will be below, at or above national expectations.  We will send out more information about this during the Autumn term. 


Staffing news

Congratulations to Mrs Drake who will be going on maternity leave at the end of October.  We are welcoming Miss Osbourne who has joined as a teacher in Year 4.  We have known Miss Osbourne all year and she is a very welcome addition to the Parkgate family. 


Getting ready for September

Next year our main theme is ‘Year of the Book’.  We will be focusing on this all year and to get us into the swing of things, we have asked every child to bring in a photograph of themselves reading in a strange place.  For example – while on my summer holiday, I am going to take a picture of myself playing table tennis whilst reading a book!  I am sure you will all come up with some really imaginative ideas. Please look out for the newsletter which gives details of the local library summer reading challenge.


And finally...

A huge thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff who make Parkgate Junior School such a welcoming learning community.  I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and get a chance to recharge the batteries. 


See you on Wednesday 3rd September!


Sarah Pipe


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