General Elections 2017 - Year 6

In year 6 we have created some political parties and written manifestos. The parties were the PFU Mavericks, The Believer Party, The TEAM party, the Trust party, Dumbledore’s Army, Friends 2 England and Pax Omnis (which means ‘all peace’) .

Some of their pledges in their manifestos include;

To abolish university fees by 2020.

No nuclear or coal power, this should be replaced by hydro and wind power

Free school meals for all in Primary school

Investing £2 Billion a year for university fees, which will be funded by traffic fines.

Cigarettes will cost £50.00 a pack. 60% of this profit will go straight to the NHS. 20% will go to the police force to increase their salaries.

Training at least another 10 000 police officers to keep our streets safe.

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