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Monday 3rd July 2017 9:45pm

Hello everyone,

We had a great journey up here. The coach’s air-conditioning was rather fiercely cold, so we were pleased to thaw out when we got here. We had no traffic problems, and got here just after 3pm. We feel very blessed, as we have arrived to sun and a lovely breeze, although there are clouds on the horizon!

We are now settled into our rooms, which are nice and comfortable. We are in a large block, using both the ground and first floors, very close to the dining room!

On arrival we met our Groupie, Cornie. We unpacked (or threw everything on the floor) before Cornie took everyone on a tour of the site. It is a large site, but there are clearly many lovely activities set up, ready to go for tomorrow! Our dinner was at about 5:15pm and there was loads to eat.

There were some questions in the queue about whether certain people would find anything to eat, and the menu was: Fish pie, cheese and tomato pasta bake, chicken, vegetables and salad, with cheesecake and lots of fruit for dessert! Everyone ate something to fill them up – some more than others!

For our evening activity, we sent the children off to play games on the field, which basically involved lots of running around! After, we went to our camp fire. The children have had a brilliant time singing silly songs, and generally being energetic and noisy! At about 9pm, we had cakes to top up our energy, and we have sent the children off to start getting ready for bed.

The children have been a credit to Parkgate, with lovely tidy rooms, and only a small amount of noise. You will be pleased to hear that we shall try to get all children showered tomorrow, after they have done their Raft Building, as this will be tricky to fit in before breakfast at 7:20am in the morning!

Tomorrow morning the children are off to do a selection from: Raft Building, Zip Wire, Rifle Shooting, Climbing and Abseiling, followed by a variation on these activities in the afternoon. They are really looking forward to their visit to the tuck shop after dinner!

I’ll update tomorrow evening. We have been blessed by warm, sunny weather this afternoon. We are looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow, but if it does rain, we shan’t let that get us down!

Miss W

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