PGL - Blog 1

Well what a jam packed day. We had a lovely first part of the journey and stopped for lunch. Everyone was in great form and we set off for the second half eager to get there. Unfortunately there was a serious accident and the traffic ground to a halt. The A1 was closed and we were in about ten miles of stationary traffic. We sat and sat. The lovely coach driver kept the air conditioning on so we were ok and after a couple of hours we got moving again. Everyone was fantastic and really patient. 

We arrived just after half four and went straight into our rooms. Everyone appears to be happy with them. Our group leader is called Jo with a fabulous moustache. He 
is very energetic. 

Dinner was cottage pie , goats cheese flan or fish fingers and chips. Donuts for pudding. Everyone ate loads. This evening we have all played cludeo. The children have been rushing round the site looking for clues. It has been amazing. The sun is shining but it is now rather chilly. 

Just about  to have a cake followed by more football, cricket and then bed. All the adults are hoping the children will sleep!  I am not so sure. 

After a chatty night everyone slept well!

We are all looking forward to sessions tomorrow. 



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