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Day 1 of activities down and the children 's energy levels are still running high.

Yesterday kicked off with canoeing and aeroball. As it was pretty hot, the children welcomed the canoes capsizing and at the end of the session everyone jumped into the water for a little swim and a cool down. The lake was quite smelly and therefore so were the children, when they emerged. So, we headed back to the rooms for emergency showers and a quick outfit change.

Next, it was time for some friendly competition on the trampolines in aeroball, where teams of two played against each other to score in their hoops.
You'd think the children might be getting tired at this stage......nooooo! Not at all.

After lunch, children conquered their fears and attacked the abseiling wall. We had lots of team support and encouragement to get everyone down successfully. To be quite honest, even climbing up the stairs in the abseiling tower is quite scary, so well done kids!

At 4 o'clock, it was time for the final activity and children have been mastering their aim in archery. Children picked this up quite quickly and were hitting regular centre targets to score points.

Finally the activities for the day were finished and it was time for some, well earned, dinner.
We had to have a quick room tidy afterwards as, already, they were looking like tips and beginning to smell like them too.

At 7 pm we all gathered in the field and played a mixture of games for the next couple of hours.

The children were in bed slightly earlier than last night, with most rooms having their lights out at about 10. (Hmmmm perhaps they are finally beginning to feel tired!)

Wednesday morning

We have woken up to a slightly breezier day and a few drops of rain, but it's looking like its clearing up already. Today we are looking forward to zip wire, quad biking, Jacobs ladder and skiing.

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