PGL Blog 2

Day 2 PGL 2017

Tuesday 4th July 9pm

Hello everyone,

We had an early start today – up at 7am, and breakfast at 7.20am, after quite a late night. To our relief, all children, however, managed to dress themselves for this! They have all now completely unpacked (translation: thrown everything on the floor), and this evening we are hoping the children/expert raft builders will have managed to put their wet outfits into black plastic sacks, after they were (inexplicably) dunked in the lake. Super fun had by all…

It has been a brilliant day – the Raft Building was extremely good fun (as well as wet). Pray you are never marooned on a desert island, in need of their raft building skills… They spent most of the time in the lake – though they loved it. Some of our reluctant swimmers have been very brave in the water. The other activities, although not as wet, were just as much fun. The children have also experienced a number of other activities today, such as Zip Wire, Abseiling and Trapeze, as well as Rifle Shooting, Orienteering and Sensory Trail. They have all really impressed us: they have tried many things they were previously scared to do. They honestly have looked as though they have loved every minute. A couple of children have lost baby teeth, although they seem quite reluctant for a visit from the tooth fairy!

We had time for some of the children to have showers after lunch today, after their fun in the lake. Lunch was filling – and well needed. We were all very hungry after such an early breakfast.

It has been incredibly hot at times today, with only a few clouds showing this morning, along with some drizzle, but it was much sunnier this afternoon. The children have needed to be reminded about wearing their sun screen and hats. They are all getting on well, so far!

Dinner was nice and early this evening: we ate at 5.15pm. This consisted of: Beef lasagne, fish fingers and chips, or a nice vegetable curry, followed by mixed berry crumble and custard.

And even more exciting – after dinner was our Shop slot. Mr Ball handed out the pocket money. Many, many calories have now been consumed, and lovely souvenirs/presents have been purchased. The children vegged out for a while on the huge field behind the accommodation block, after our shop visit, while we had some birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday.

Presently, Cornie, our groupie, is organising a game of Passport to the World for our evening activity. We’re hoping that children will take it in turns to shower some of the mud off before bed (see above for: raft building/dunking/soaking clothes). Time for more cake before bed! We have plenty.

We are having a brilliant time and the children are loving every minute. They are all looking very, very tired; we adults are hoping for a very early night tonight…

Have a good evening.

Miss W.



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