PGL - Blog 2

Day two and all is well. 

After a very very early start - Mrs Pollard was on patrol by 5.15am! We had a lovely sunny, active day. 

Breakfast was bacon, vege sausages, hash browns etc. Everyone ate loads and were eager to start the sessions. Some children conquered their fears on high ropes and everyone built rafts and sailed them on the lake. Well in reality some paddled on the lake but most swam in it. Some good photographs to follow. 

After a great lunch and more activities we noticed that due to the early start everyone had slowed down by the evening. Some watched the England match in the leaders lounge while everyone else ran round the grounds on treasure hunts. Then it got to extra time. More and more children came into watch. By the time it got to penalties, nearly everyone was jammed in the room screaming and cheering. It was a very special moment when England went through. Lots of cheering. The French students in the next block came to find out what had happened and the final score!  

A great day.

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