PGL Blog 3

Day 3 PGL 2017

Wednesday 5th July 9.30pm

Hello everyone,

We’ve had another fantastic day today, starting, once again with early breakfast at 7.20am. All children had to be woken up this morning, although all managed to dress themselves in double quick time when we got them up. Some of us took some fruit to eat in between activities this morning.

Morning activities were: Aeroball, Vertical Challenge, more Zip Wire, Sensory Trail and Orienteering. Lunch, at 12.45pm was very filling. We had baked potatoes with a variety of fillings, with lots of salad, and fruit for after. This was followed in the afternoon by more of the same activities.

All of us have been blown away by the bravery of children taking part in climbing – everyone has been fabulous – being super helpful if they didn’t want to climb by doing the belaying (holding onto the ropes at the bottom!), or by persevering and getting much further than they thought they were going to, if climbing. It’s been really impressive, and we are very proud of them!

The weather continues to be hot and sticky, although not super sunny. The children are all drinking loads of water and no one has had any bad effects from the sun. Mrs Pipe stayed until lunch time, and accompanied most of the groups to activities through the day.

Dinner tonight was good: Chicken goujons, pork loin with apple sauce and vegetable kiev, with cauliflower cheese. For pudding there was ice cream. Most children managed to eat at least some of this. After dinner, some of our slightly stinky boys were encouraged to take a shower. All now smell nice and clean!

Cluedo, after dinner, provided some distraction from the children feeling tired and emotional, and we celebrated by eating some of the many, many Mr Kipling cake slices that have been kindly provided by parents.

The children (and adults) have been sent off for a very early night. We have another long day tomorrow, although at least this one starts at 8am for breakfast, rather than the 7.20am this morning. We will be suggesting more showers in the morning, for those children with an interest in personal hygiene... (Hmmm).

Have a great last full day before the horde returns on Friday.


Miss W.

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