PGL Blog 3

Day 3 of activities down and the children are having a ball!

Thursday morning began with a bit of a breeze and a few dark clouds. It quickly escalated to lots of dark clouds and very heavy rain. When the rain set in, children were out taking part in survivor, orienteering or the challenge course, so lots of opportunity to soak up the rain.

While the children were learning how to survive outdoors in survivor, the 'build a shelter' activity quickly became a necessity and the children competed for the best logs to build their shelter. 
The rain continued to come down heavy but the children powered through; nothing was going to stop them! 

It finally stopped raining at about lunch time. By this time, we had 47 sopping wet school children, almost unrecognisable, covered in mud and drenched clothes. We were then left with the task of drying clothes and trainers. 

In the afternoon, children got on their bikes for mountain biking. Although it had stopped raining, the mark had been left on the track, resulting in a very slippery mud trail. Everyone gave it their best shot and tackled the big hills with determination. We did have a few people skidding and sliding off but there were no injuries. 

By evening time, the children were finally dry and feeling tired and they took part in 'Robotwars.' This consisted of two teams dressing one member as a robot and completing tasks. It was very entertaining and once again there are some very interesting photos! 

Friday morning 
The children are finally packed up and although it took longer than expected to tidy the rooms and get all their bags out, they were all in the pool on time for some 'aqua fun.' They are currently splashing around in the sun and generally having a fantastic time. We will be loading onto the coach after this and departing by 11:30. Check your phones for travel updates later. 

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