PGL Blog 4

Day 4 PGL 2017

Thursday 6th July 9.00pm

Hello everyone,

We’ve had another busy day today, and luckily, breakfast was at 8am! A small lie-in was much appreciated by all!

Morning activities were: Giant Swing, Archery and Trapeze. Lunch, at 12.55pm, was very filling. We had fajitas with a variety of toppings, with lots of salad, and fruit for after. This was followed by afternoon activities: more of the same and some Survivor.

The weather has been very warm today during our activities, and we have all been drinking lots of water. The promised thunderstorm has finally arrived, with a bit of rain, which has been very welcome!

Dinner tonight was: Chicken curry with a poppadum, lasagne with garlic bread, stuffed peppers with quinoa. For pudding there was yet more fruit, and a chocolate rice-krispy cake. Most children managed to eat at least some of this.

Before and after dinner, we gave the children time to pack their cases and shower. Their evening activity today is Capture the Flag. Some of the girls’ cases have been re-packed a number of times, just to make sure they haven’t lost/misplaced anything... Expect a lot of washing when we get back – I’m not sure the children fully appreciate the concept of keeping dirty washing separate from clean! We’re also a little concerned that some of the boys don’t seem to fully appreciate the concept of showers/personal hygiene, but I’ll leave you to discover that for yourselves! Enjoy!

We’re all looking forward to our cakes before bedtime. We have another long day tomorrow, although at least this one starts at 8am for breakfast, but we’ll have to clear the rooms before breakfast, so we may be a little pushed for time. We have a morning of activities ahead of us, before a packed lunch and setting off just after lunch. Hoping to be on time, if traffic allows… We will update you as we go along, with an ETA.

Although we’re having a lovely time, we’re all now really looking forward to getting home! See you tomorrow.

Miss W.



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