PGL Blog - Day 4

Day 4 update... 

After a full breakfast the children were ready for their last full day of activities. 

We started with quad biking which they have been looking forward to all week! Some of the children spent more time going into the tyres than going round on their lap but all enjoyed the activity. 

We tried our hand at fencing next-the children paired up and put on the equipment then took part in various challenges. 

After a well earned lunch, the afternoon started with abseiling which some preferred as they were coming back down to rather than all the climbing up we have been doing this week. 

The next activity was aeroball which involved jumping on a trampoline inside a net whilst trying to aim a ball into a hoop on your opponents side-the children made it look easy though!! 

In the evening we had a campfire with singing, games and marshmallows which tired the children out for a good night sleep. Everyone is looking forward to the last morning of activities and coming home this afternoon! 

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