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Good morning,

After waving you off yesterday morning, the coach was eerily quiet......this did not last long as the excitement grew and the questions of "are we nearly there yet" began.


We stopped for lunch in the service station and the children were delighted to be getting off and having a well needed stretch of their legs. It wasn't long before we piled back on and headed on our way again, encountering many traffic jams and road works :-( .

At approximately 4:30, we finally arrived in Torquay (to beautiful scenery) and we even got a glimpse of the sea. The children were taken off to 'burn off some energy' before settling into their rooms.
After dinner, it was time for more 'burning of some energy,' with a game of 'wacky races.'  'Wacky races' is quite self explanatory, but for those of you wondering.... Let's just say there are some very interesting photos.

It is safe to say, the children had a fantastic welcome to Barton Hall and some were even tired out by 10pm. Of course there was the expected chattering in rooms, with all the excitement, but most children got to sleep at a reasonable hour.

This morning we were up at 7am and had a good breakfast, ready for the day of activities. On the agenda today are: aeroball (trampoline game), canoeing, archery and abseiling.

The children have settled in really well and have excitedly headed off for activities.

The PGL crew

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