PGL day 1

Well the journey up here was smooth. Children all beautifully behaved. We had lunch at Peterborough services and got to Caythorpe around 3.00. After a run around and a tour of the site, we got into our rooms and went to dinner. We were all starving. The menu was fishfingers, chicken curry or roasted tomato tart- all with chips or rice. Pudding was a jam doughnut. Needless to say, we all ate lots. 


We are now all playing wacky races. Lots of strange acting. I can see James throwing himself on the floor pretending to be a Russian Cossack dancer whilst Tilly is pretending to be an aeroplane!


I don’t imagine that there will be much sleep tonight but everyone has smiles on their faces. 


Sleep well. 


Mrs P and the Parkgate Crew 

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