Welcome back letter to parents

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome back
It was wonderful to welcome back everyone this morning. Although we are all nervous about how things
will work out, it was so good to see the children looking happy and excited in their classrooms. I have
walked around the school and there are a lot of excited voices and even children who were anxious this
morning are settled and there are no tears. I have had so many conversations this morning, with children
telling me what they have done over the summer - camping has been at the top of the list and obviously
been a big hit.
As we move through the next few days and weeks, things will change. We will keep you informed as the
local situation changes. Please can you follow the instructions about dropping off and collecting time and
make sure that you are keeping socially distant on the gate. This morning, there were a lot of parents right
in front of the gates and not 2 metres apart. I suggest that if you are waiting, you line up in your class
group along the fence. If you are early, please do not come near the gates until it is your time slot. If you
are having a chat with other parents can you keep away from the children and the gate.
If you are dropping off pupils late, please wait until the year group has finished going in. If you have any
issues or anxieties, please give me a ring.
As we know, the children have reacted in different ways during the lockdown and some of them have
anxiety or are having nightmares etc. We are very aware of this and next week we will send home a letter
about the new Social and Emotional Support Programme we will be introducing to all children. It will focus
on supporting the children with their anxieties and coping with worries.
I hope we are going to have a super year, creating a fantastic, supportive and safe environment for all the
children. We have as our theme this year – All together now. If you are old, like me, you should now be
singing a song from the 1990’s!
Look after yourselves.
Yours sincerely

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