P. E at Parkgate Juniors inspires all children to try a range of sporting activities and encourages a lifelong love of sport.   Every child is taught a huge range of skills through sports such as: cricket, gymnastics, athletics, basketball and dance that develop their physical coordination, fitness and stamina. Children are shown in lessons how to lead a healthy active lifestyle which can be used in everyday life. Every lesson promotes an understanding of leadership skills, rule keeping, builds self-esteem and confidence.  We give the children an opportunity to experience success and deal with loses in competitions against each other and schools in our local area.  We provide a range of after school clubs that allow children to build social relationships by being part of a school team. 

At Parkgate we create an atmosphere that sport is for all. We create a passion for exercise which can stay with them for life.

                                                                                Grace Ryan (PE Lead)



 Quotes from our children:

“I enjoy playing games with different people” (Year 6 pupil)

“I like learning about new sports” (year 6 pupil)

“The activities are fun and I learn lots of new things” (Year 4 pupil)

“I really like working in teams” (Year 4 pupil)