Personal, Spiritual and Health Education

Sex Education

Sex education is approached in a sensitive and factual manner and is considered to be one aspect of our personal development programme.  Parents are invited into school to view videos before they are shown to the children.  A detailed sex education policy and teaching framework is available on request.


Religious Education

We believe that children should have knowledge both of their faith and the faith of others. We should help them to start developing an understanding of the place of religion in our society. Since Parkgate is a County Maintained School, we do not teach the doctrine of a Religion. This, we believe, should be left to parents. At present we use the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus and have designed a programme of work for the four years at Parkgate to cover the six major world faiths.


The rights of parents under the 1944 Education Act to withdraw children from Assembly and Religious Education are respected, subject to adequate supervisory arrangements being possible.


Collective Act of Worship/Assemblies

In accordance with the law we hold a daily collective Art of Worship/Assembly.


From time-to-time we encourage visitors to join us and also lead us in our assemblies.

Arrangements for the withdrawal of children from R.E. and the School’s collective Art of Worship/Assemblies may be made after consultation with the Headteacher.


We hold a celebration assembly every Friday.  The Staff take it in turns to present certificates and awards to children in each in class to acknowledge and recognise achievement.  The children have the opportunity to share their achievements by showing their trophies, awards and certificates to the rest of the school.


During the Monday assembly the House Cup is presented to the House Captains of the House with the most housepoints.  The Houses are:


  • Balmoral
  • Buckingham
  • Sandringham
  • Windsor


Each term, the house with the most points has a reward morning.  Every child is a member of a House and every housepoint awarded to them contributes to the overall House score.  During our Tuesday assembly classes take it in turns to present recent work to the rest of the school.


Special Needs

It is our aim to cater for the needs of all pupils.  At some time in his or her school career, nearly every child will need some special help in an area of work. For some this will be infrequent, for others special help will be needed for much of the time.  When children are identified by the class teacher as having special needs in certain areas the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENco) will become involved and action will be taken to develop appropriate activities to help children make progress.


Miss Brady, the SENco keeps a register of children who have special needs, whether it is physical, behavioural or exceptional ability as well as the children who require special help to make the curriculum more accessible.  Parents will be informed when their child’s name has been placed on the register.


Outside agencies will be approached such as the Ed Psych and parents will be informed should the needs of the child not be met by the School’s resources.


A number of Teaching Assistants work part-time at Parkgate.   Sometimes they will be working a particular child. At other times they will work with a class or groups. The important aspect of all this work is that it is teamwork. The class teachers and the support teachers work in close co-operation so that they can plan the work and share the knowledge of its results.

Personal, Spiritual and Health Education