Pupil Librarians


Pupil Librarians


Note: sadly we will not be having Pupil Librarians this year due to Coronavirus. 


Welcome to our Pupil Librarians page! You'll find information about becoming a Pupil Librarian here, as well as information for those already doing this sought-after job.


Applying for the job


At the start of each Autumn term, Mrs Parr will give an application form and job description to any children in Year 5 who have expressed an interest in becoming a Pupil Librarian. You can find these below. All applicants will receive a letter, whether they have been successful or not. There are 6 posts available.


This is a much sought-after job, with lots of responsibilities. You'll learn new skills and work as part of a team to support the library. There will also be a chance to help with events like Book Swaps and you will promote reading and the library to the rest of the school. There will also be a yummy Christmas lunch and a farewell lunchtime party at the end of the Summer Term.


Current Pupil Librarians


Our Pupil Librarians for this year (2019-20) are Aeyma, Mithusan, Eshaal, Louis, Kaeden, Giulia.  They have successfully achieved their Bronze level in training and are now working on their Silver award.


If any children (or staff, parents or governors!) have questions or problems or can't find the book they're after, our Pupil Librarians will try to help. Sometimes they may have to pass the query on to Mrs Parr.

Past Pupil Librarians

Pupil Librarians