World Book Day


World Book Day




World Book Day in the UK is celebrated every year on the first Thursday of March. Publishers and booksellers come together to give children a token to exchange for one of the WBD books, so you get a book for FREE! Or you can get £1 off any other book. Check out the The World Book Day website (click on the above banner) - it is an amazing place to explore. Not just for World Book Day but all year round!


Great things to do includes:

  • watch booktrailers
  • make and do
  • watch author videos
  • colouring
  • read book extracts
  • check out author & illustrator masterclasses which include videos and teacher’s resources
  • brief themed booklists
  • recommended reads
  • expert story writing tips
  • teaching guides & resource packs for particular books & authors


Also on the website under the Inspiration heading, World of Stories podcasts has a selection of free audiobooks. It includes The Truth Pixie, 13-Storey Treehouse, The Jungle Book and more.




World Book Day at Parkgate


Although we celebrate the joy of reading throughout the year, we make an even bigger thing of it during the week of the national World Book Day. This normally falls on the first Thursday of March each year.


We do several activities, which normally include a bookswap/sale, lunchtime reading, special World Book Day library and foyer display, giving out the WBD tokens and the last 2 years we have also given out a free WBD book and a bookmark. 


On top of this, we always do a competition. Yay! Have a look below at the different competition themes and see the fun we've had doing this. What will be next year's theme?

World Book Day