Friday 14th May 2020



Starter 1: Daily 10 – 8 x tables - DIVISION


Today we’ll be linking base facts to division!


Look at the example below.

Now, we’re building related facts for each representation (picture).

Notice that the quotient of 120 ÷ 3 will be ten times greater than the quotient of

12 ÷ 3 because 120 is ten times greater than 12.


Now, look at more examples on the worksheet and write down the related facts following the model above for your task today (table).



Today I would like you to add a fourth verse to your poem.


Read the poem below again to remind yourself of what is in the box.

See if you can notice the features listed below in the second and third verse. (You may want to highlight these for later if you can)


  • Verse 4: impossible/irregular things.



Now think of 3 items, objects or imaginary things that you could put into your box for the fourth verse.


Your task today is to write the fourth verse of your poem trying using expanded noun phrases. Your items for this verse should be things that do not / cannot exist or irregular.



Go to


Listen to and read the poems then try having a go at activity 3 today.

Friday 14th May 2020