Monday 22nd June 2020

Practice your times tables and spellings every day.

Times Tables:

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Daily 10:






Today we’ll be looking at efficient addition and subtraction methods.


BBC Bitesize Task:


My mini maths 1:


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Choose a task to have a go at today.


Task 1:

Today’s Topic: Story: Reading Comprehension - Predict and Inference


In this lesson, we are going to read a text and answer questions that require predictions and inference skills


This can be found through the link below:


Task 2: BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons: Year 3


Today’s Objective: To show understanding of a text by answering comprehension questions.


There are videos to watch, and some activities to complete.

Please complete at least one task from the lesson to complete today.


The BBC Bitesize website can be found through the hyperlink below:


Have fun!





Today’s literacy task contains lots of reading practice.

Use the skills you have leant today to help you read a book of your choice from home.

Ask an adult to ask you questions about the book you have read.

Monday 22nd June 2020