Friday 19th June 2020

Practice your times tables and spellings every day.

Times Tables:

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Daily 10:






For the next few weeks we’ll be revising maths basic skills.

This week we’ll be subtracting three – digit numbers.

Have a go at least one BBC Bitesize task and then try to answer the ‘my mini maths’ tasks after.

Write the answers in your book.


BBC Bitesize Task:


My mini maths 1:


My mini maths 2:


My mini maths 3:


My mini maths 4:


My mini maths 4 Answers:





Choose a task to have a go at today.


Task 1: Oak National Academy Online Classroom: Year 3

Today’s Topic: Setting Description: Write a setting description


In this lesson, we are going to write a setting description.


This can be found through the link below:


Task 2:

Learning objective: Using the book Slime you will learn how to find information in a text and write creatively.


The BBC Bitesize website can be found through the hyperlink below:


Have fun!





Friday 19th June 2020