Today there are two English activities to choose from: complete one.

1. Oak National Academy Online Classroom: Year 4, Week 3, Lesson 5.

This can be found through the hyperlink below:

Today’s is: News Report: Write a news report

In this lesson, we are going to write a news report.

2. BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons: Year 4.

This can be found through the hyperlink below:

Please check every day for new English activities.

Today’s is: Using the book Charlie Changes Into a Chicken, you will learn how to explain how the writer’s choice of words creates humour and to write in the style of an author.

There are of two videos of presenter and blogger Mehreen Baig reading extracts from the book and three activities to complete.

Have fun! Remember you only need to do one of these!

Miss W

PS Don't forget to check out the Maths and Art and Design activities!