Tuesday 5th May 2020

Activity 1


WW2 Code Breaking

Watch this video about code breaking in WW2.


Can you crack the code for these problems below?

See if you can find out the secret messages hidden in each one.

Activity 2

Submarine Technology

Submarines became powerful forces of action in WWII as they had the ability to hide beneath the surface of the sea, yet still attack ships and boats as they sailed with precious cargos either of provisions or fighting men and their equipment. In order to see where their target was they used periscopes. This was also true of the soldiers who were in the trenches who used periscopes to watch the enemy. Design and, if you can, create your own periscope to look around a corner at home?

If you don't have 2 small mirrors at home you can always create your own using tin foil or if you have any old CDs / DVDs the bottom of theses can work well too.


Alternatively, you could also try designing your own invention to help a submarine see out of the water without being easily spotted. Draw it and explain how it works.


Activity 3

VE Day Decorations

Create some bunting to hang up on Friday.

Here are some instructions for making bunting.

You can always use paper instead of material and colour them in.

Tuesday 5th May 2020