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22nd March 2020


Hi 4 Puffin and Heron,


We hope you are all well, and you have enjoyed the weekend. Please feel free to look at, and have a go at any of the activities from last week (especially the Lego!).


We have set you work – please click on the stars for the activities. There is some literacy work, as well as some maths work on SAM Learning. Remember your Login! There are 5 activities but please don't panic, you have until Friday afternoon to complete them. This week the work is based on the formal method for multiplication so links to the work you were doing in school. Please do email us if you are having any problems with it.


Keep reading and practising your times tables too!


This is all new to teachers, so it is a learning curve for all of us – please bear with us while we get used to the new systems! This week we have set the maths work all in one go, this may be subject to change though. We hope you will all be joining in with the Joe Wicks workouts this week on YouTube too, at 9:00am every morning. It's important to keep active and healthy. We miss you and are sorry we did not get to see you all last week.


Please can you contact us on your class email as soon as possible, just to say hello. We would like to be able to send a daily email out to you, but we can’t do this until you tell us where we can send it! It would be great to hear from you anyway. Please contact us if you have a problem, or a question, or even just to let us know how you’re getting on. We promise to answer you! Feel free to email any bits of work you would like to show us, too.


Take care of yourselves and be kind to your family members (even your brothers and sisters!). We look forward to hearing from you very much!


Miss Mason and Miss Williams.

Work for Year 4s who are self-isolating: 18th – 20th March


Hello everyone! We hope you are keeping yourselves busy if you are at home, and that you are trying to stick to a routine, by going to bed and getting up at a sensible time! We hope that you are eating sensibly and drinking lots of water! If you are stuck inside the house, here are a few things to keep you from missing school too much!

from Miss Mason and Miss Williams


Healthy Eating Week: 

The focus this year is on…


· Eat more wholegrains

· Vary your veg

· Drink plenty

· Move more

· Be mind kind

· Get active together

· Eat together


Try to find out why these are important for staying healthy. Create a leaflet with one page for each area, or choose one area and create a poster to persuade people about that area.

BBC Teach Website:

Super Movers Day celebrates active schools and empowers pupils to take the lead to get their peers moving.

On Thursday, 19 March the BBC will be showcasing some of their bespoke resources in an exciting new 20-minute active learning programme designed to be used at school or at home.


Spellings: Learn words from the Y3/4 Spelling list using the spelling activities


If you'd like to practice your times tables, go to TT rockstars. You can also visit 'hit the button' and of course the maths frame website.


If you're missing daily 10, you can go to it via the top marks website which is listed on the maths websites list. You don't just have to practice times tables on daily 10, there are lots of other challenges and levels you can do.


NumBots is part of TT Rockstars, you have access to it with your existing log in. Lots of different challenges to have a go at.


Take a look at the website list. Lot of fun games to explore!




Click on the picture below



You will see a great picture of a space station.  Think about what story you can write

About what it would be like to live on a space station 

Persuading people to go and live on the station

Instructions on how to get to the space station

An adventure story about where you could go to in space.




Don't forget to read your reading book. When you finish this, any book from home will do!


Listen and read to some stories.

BBC    Jackanory Junior


 KS1 / KS2




We have been reading some fairy tales. Using our knowledge of fairy tales we can change the endings. Perhaps Cinderella wants to travel the world! Perhaps there doesn’t have to be a happy ending! Perhaps Goldie Locks makes friends with the three bears! Think about how you could change a fairy tale.


Plan it out - make sure you think about:

  • Introduction (Setting, characters)
  • Build up (What are they like, what do they like to do?)
  • Problem (What has gone wrong)
  • Resolution (How will they solve the problem)
  • Happy ever after (or is it... ?)



Write an alternate ending to your chosen fairy tale. Remember to use your capital letters and full stops, as well as all of the other lovely things we've been learning over the last two terms!



Draw a storyboard of your alternate fairy story. 

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