Your task today is to learn about the 12 and 24 hour clock. Go through the power point as many times as you need. On slide 8 and 9 you are asked to convert the times. You can use the converter sheet to help. Write these times out in your home learning book. Practise the time throughout the day with the help of an adult.

* Note to parents


Time is a life skill that needs to be taught in and out of the classroom. The children will benefit from regular practise of reading the time on an analogue clock so why not make it a regular feature of your day. Move onto digital after you have rehearsed analogue time. You could also practise duration of time by looking at TV schedules and getting the children to work out the length of programmes or how long two programmes are.



Once you have completed your time activity, go to the bitesize website and complete the maths activity on there. You can either print out the sheet or write the calculations out in your home learning book.


There is also a programme on iplayer that links to this work. Search for bitesize and the relevant age.