Monday 4th May 2020

Activity 1


What is VE Day and why is it celebrated?

Read the information on the power point and try to answer the quiz questions at the end correctly.

Can you create your own questions about VE Day to quiz someone at home about.

How many did they get correct?


Activity 2

Find out some more information about VE Day.

Follow the link below to find out about an exciting challenge that you could take part in this week. You don’t have to submit what you do as part of the challenge if you don’t want to. Instead, complete one of the tasks from below at home.


VE DAY Challenge -


All the information you will need to find out more about VE Day can be found by using the resource link to CBBC Newsround below.


Complete one of these tasks: (for the challenge or just to do at home)

•   Write a short news report in the style of today or 75 years ago.

•   Make a short video that tells the story of VE Day, either in the style of 75 years ago or how you would tell it today.

•   Design a newspaper front page or article.

•   Share the story of someone in your family or area who was involved in the War.

•   Write or perform a short play about VE Day and what it would have been like 75 years ago.


Resource Link:

•          CBBC  – Newsround


Activity 3


(Not related to VE Day)

If you have not done so already, now is the time to write a final draft of your explanation text from last week. It should be complete with diagrams and be presented well.

You can write this out or if you would like to type it up and add diagrams that you have found that is fine.

Monday 4th May 2020