Wednesday 29th April 2020



Starter 1: Daily 10 – 4 x tables - DIVISION


Starter 2: check answers at the bottom of the page.


Division Problems

1. Share 18 sweets between two children.


2. Share 27 sweets between three children.


3. Divide 35 by 5


4. Divide 80 by 10


5. How many 5s make 50?


Remember to practise your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 times tables and related division facts every day for the next few weeks!

Example: 2x2=4; 4/2=2


Today we’ll learn how to do division by grouping!

Watch this video to remind yourself about how you can divide by grouping.


Remember: when we know the whole and the size of each group but not the number of groups then we are dividing by grouping.


Now try these for today’s task:



Today you are going to write the introduction to your explanation.

The introduction is the first part of the explanation someone will read so it needs to be interesting and get the reader to carry on reading.


Read this example from Monday to remind yourself what an introduction looks like.


Now have a go at writing your introduction.


Your introduction should include:

  • A question to intrigue the reader.
  • Tell the reader what the topic of your explanation will be.
  • A couple of general but interesting facts about light. (E.g. Did you know that light travels in straight lines?)


Light research resources from yesterday (in case you still need them)


BBC Bitesize Light Info -

DK Find out Light Info -



Reading Challenge: Read a magazine or comic book.

You can read a magazine from home or you can try reading a few pages from the one below.


Can you find the pages about light?


AQUILA Magazine -





Maths starter answers:


1. 9       2. 9        3. 7          4. 8           5. 10

Wednesday 29th April 2020