Thursday 2nd April 2020

Don't forget to check SAM Learning for tasks to complete. Tasks will be set on there throughout the week.



Practise your 4 times tables to get you started today.

Set up a daily 10 challenge using the link below. Practice the 4 times tables and give yourself 5 or less seconds to complete them.


Today we will be continuing to practise the grid method for multiplication.

It involves partitioning numbers into tens and ones before they are multiplied.


Watch this video to remind you how to do it.

Now choose your challenge for today:

Choose a challenge based on how you found the questions yesterday.

If you want more practice of yesterday’s task choose Challenge 1, if you want to try questions a little more difficult than yesterday choose Challenge 2.

You only need to complete one of the challenges.


Challenge 1: TOxO – Complete the questions below.

Challenge 2: TOxO – Complete the questions below.


1) Look at the picture, read the text and complete the questions with a written answer using the resource below.

Here is a list of adverbs for the sick sentences if you need it.


Complete the reading challenge cards below.

Read the short passage for each and answer the questions in your workbook.

Thursday 2nd April 2020