Maths games

This page will show different maths games for you to have a go with at home, most will just need a pack of cards (if you don't have a pack of cards at home you could make your own!)

Have fun challenging your families, you could even create your own Maths card game and send us some ideas. 


Mrs Drake  

The remainder game

The title really says it all - this game is a fun way to explore what happens in division. A good excuse to eat some of the Easter treats you might have at home! You could play sweets like in the video or any objects you have at home. If you don’t have a die at home use or write numbers 1-6 on pieces of paper and pick them out of a bowl.

Risky game

All you need is a pack of cards! Risky is great fun. How brave are you? Dare you turn over another card, or are you going to play it safe and bank what you already have?


Regroupy is a great game to practice column addition. It can be played with 4 digit by 4 digit as shown here or 3digit by 3digit

Crooked rules

Crooked rules is a simple maths game to rehearse place value in a fun way. All you need is a die, pencil, paper and a friend.

Digit placement game

How close can you get to the target number? This is fun game that can be adapted for any year group

Race to Twenty

Race to twenty is a simple game but can be made harder by making the counters represent 100 and race to 2000, or 0.1 and race to 2

All Change Multiplication

A great game to practise your times tables and division facts

Maths games