Monday 30th March 2020

Don't forget to check SAM Learning for tasks to complete. Tasks will be set on there throughout the week.


Practise your 3 times tables division facts to get you started today.

Set up a daily 10 challenge using the link below. Practice the 3 times tables division and give yourself 7 or less seconds to complete them.


Today we will be multiplying a one-digit number by a two-digit number using the grid method.

It involves partitioning numbers into tens and ones before they are multiplied.


Watch this video to see how to do it.

Try multiplying these numbers using the grid method to have a go.

(Check your answers at the bottom of the maths section on this page.)




Now choose your challenge for today:

Choose a challenge based on how you found the first two questions.

If you want more practice choose Challenge 1, if you want to try questions a little more difficult than the first two choose Challenge 2 and if challenge 2 seems too easy have a go at Challenge 3.


You only need to complete one of the challenges. If you want more practice, try challenge 3. We will be progressing through the question sheets throughout the week.


Challenge 1: TOxO – Use sheet A to complete calculations.

Challenge 2: TOxO – Use sheet B to complete calculations.

Challenge 3: Using the digits 4, 6, 0, 5 and 2, make two-digit multiplied by one-digit calculations with products (answers) that match the following rules:

1) Greatest product (answer) with a five in the ones place.

2) Smallest product (answer) with a zero in the ones place.




Take a look at the acrostic poem below.

An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a specific word. This can be one word per line or a sentence per line.


Choose one of the challenges below to have a go at today.

Challenge 1) Create your own acrostic poem of the word spring using one word per line.

Challenge 2) Create your own acrostic poem of the word spring using a sentence on each line.


If you are stuck, use the list of words below to give you an idea about the words you may want to use.

Think about what happens at springtime to create your sentences.



Complete the reading challenge cards below.

Read the short passage for each and answer the questions in your workbook.

Monday 30th March 2020