Monday 23rd March 2020


Try these to get you started.

Order unit and non-unit fractions:

Today we’ll be solving problems using fractions of shapeJ

These two cubes make up 1/3 of a whole shape.

What could the whole shape look like?

Which fraction is visible?

Which fraction is hidden? We can use a bar model to illustrate which information is known and which information is missing.

Now have a go at these questions for today’s task.

Here are some extra practice questions for you to try.


Read this poem

1) Can you spot a pattern of rhyming words in this poem? Write all of the patterns that you can spot.

2) Write your own verses to create a poem in the same style.

1. Start with an animal (cat)

2. Make up a rhyming name (Mr Flat)

3. Then write a rhyming couplet about where the teacher keeps their pet.


Mr Flat owns a cat, sleeping soundly in his hat.

Mrs Rake has a snake, slithering hungrily around her cake. 

How many different and interesting adverbs can you use?

For more suggestions use the adverb list bellow.


Read some poetry on the website below.

1) Act out the events of the poem to someone at home. Can they guess which poem it is from the ones you have read together?

2) Let your teacher know which was your favourite and why.


Don’t forget to check SAM Learning for any Maths, Writing or Reading tasks to complete.

Monday 23rd March 2020