Tuesday 21st April 2020

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Practise your 3 times tables division facts to get you started today.

Set up a daily 10 challenge using the link below. Practice the 3 times tables division and give yourself 7 or less seconds to complete them.



Now have a go at these using the grid method from before the Easter break.

34 x 7 = ____

26 x 4 = ____

46 x 6 = ____


Today we will be learning how to do SHORT MUTIPICATION.

The short multiplication method is used in Written Calculation for one-digit multiplication only.

Watch this tutorial – only the first 4 minutes to 3:45.

For today’s task complete the questions below using the grid method.

Copy the calculations into your book!

Remember to follow the correct layout!

Follow the layout above to place your numbers in the correct place.

The video shows a different layout that we do not follow.


It involves partitioning numbers into tens and ones before they are multiplied.


Watch the video of a game show below.

Tuesday Countdown Clip.mp4

Still image for this video

Watch it for a second time but this time make notes about what happens. (Try to include at least 5 points.)


1) The contestant chooses a mix of 9 vowels or consonants.

2) Both contestants get 30 seconds to find the longest word they can.

3) …


To teach someone how to play Countdown we would need to give them some instructions and an explanation about why they do it.


Today’s task is to write a set of instructions to explain how Countdown is played.


You need to:

Use first, next, after that, finally, and other words to sequence your explanation.

Use imperative verbs (bossy verbs) E.g. choose, write, compare, time, etc.

Include an explanation explaining why you need to follow each instruction.


First, choose a mixture of vowels and consonants. These letters will be the ones you have to choose from to make a word.

Then, …

A task about prepositions has been set on SAM Learning today to be complete this week.



Reading Challenge: Read a non-fiction book.

You can read a book from home or if you don’t have one for the challenge use the link below to find one.

Go to https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Click on the button that looks like the one below

and sign in using

Username: Parkgateyear3

Password: Parkgate

Tuesday 21st April 2020