Friday 22nd May 2020



Starter 1: Daily 10 – 8 x tables - DIVISION



 What is a quotient?  .

The answer to a division problem is the quotient.


Today we’ll be continuing to learn how to do short division!


Look at this example:


74 ÷ 2

Now try these for today’s task:


1.        48÷3

2.        57÷4

3.        54÷3

4.        96÷4

5.        38÷5

6.        77÷5

7.        96÷6

8.        94÷9

9.        71÷8

10.      71÷4

Answers are at the bottom



Write your own sound poem using the sounds you heard around your house in yesterday’s activity.


We would like you to come up with and write your own verses for each part of the house.


Here is an example.

The first and last verse can stay the same as the original poem.


Here is a plan for your poem.

Now write or type up your poem.


Here is a template for each if you would like to use them.



Reading Challenge: Read a sci-fi fiction book or a non-fiction book about space.


You can read a book from home or if you don’t have one for the challenge find one using the library section of the website or use the link below to find one.



Go to

Click on the button that looks like the one below

button picture

and sign in using

Username: Parkgateyear3

Password: Parkgate




Maths Answers:


1.        48÷3=16

2.        57÷4=14r1

3.        54÷3=18

4.        96÷4=24

5.        38÷5=7r3

6.        77÷5=15r2

7.        96÷6=16

8.        94÷9=10r4

9.        71÷8=8r7

10.      71÷4=17r3

Friday 22nd May 2020