Friday 24th April 2020



Practise your 8 times tables division facts to get you started today.

Set up a daily 10 challenge using the link below. Practice the 8 times tables division facts and give yourself 10 or less seconds to complete them.


Have a go at this as a starter today.


Today we will be continuing to learn SHORT MUTIPLICATION.

The short multiplication method is used in Written Calculation for one-digit multiplication only.


For today’s task complete the questions below using short multiplication.

Copy the calculations into your book!

Remember to follow the correct layout!

Follow the layout below to place your numbers in the correct place.


Choose a challenge to have a go at based on how you have found the work this week. Feel free to try more than one to challenge yourself today.


For the weekend

Have a go at these over the weekend to test your times tables.


Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:





Today we will practice using the first and third person.

When we write in the first person we are writing as ourselves, using pronouns such as I, my, mine, etc.

When we write in the third person we are writing about someone else, using the pronouns such as he, she, they, it, his, her, their, its etc.


For today’s task you will need to change sentences between first and third person.


Task 1:


Write 3 more sentences of your own using first person for one and third person for the other two.



Reading Challenge: Read a book with the colour yellow on the cover.

You can read a book from home or if you don’t have one for the challenge use the link below to find one.

Go to

Click on the button that looks like the one below.

and sign in using

Username: Parkgateyear3

Password: Parkgate

Friday 24th April 2020