Year 3 Home Learning

Hello Year 3,

We have finally reached the Easter holidays! It’s time for you to relax and enjoy precious time spent together with your family!


There will be no daily work set over the next two weeks. We understand some of you might find it upsetting but don’t fret! 😊 We are going to provide you with some exciting opportunities to keep busy. See the list of websites that you might find useful and entertaining in the Easter Holiday Activities link below.


Remember to join in the PE with Joe Wicks as you enjoy all the fondant-filled Creme Eggs, sticky hot cross buns and sugar-coated Mini Eggs 😊!!


Best wishes

Ms Merchel, Mrs Rothstein and Mr Last


On this page you will find a list of all the work we wish you to complete whilst you are currently unable to come in to school. At the bottom of this page you will also find some important websites that require a log in.


Please complete the Maths, Reading and Writing activities posted below each day, as well as a science/topic activity chosen daily by you from the Science & Topic activity grid. There is also a spellings list for you to practise and times tables can be practised as normal in your workbook or by using any of the times tables resources posted below E.g. TT Rockstars.


Record all of your written work in the workbook sent home.


Any pieces of work that cannot be done in your workbook can be sent to your class email address:


Keep busy! Keep an eye on this page and check it every now and again for updates regarding useful web links, activities, resources and ideas to keep you busy.


Keep active! Don’t forget to get some fresh air and do something active. Activities and videos to help you keep active can be found below.


If you have any questions, please send an email to your class email address.

Important websites

Below is a list of useful websites that we may ask you to use. Some of these require you to log in. Please read the log in instructions for each site if this applies.


TT Rockstars

Use your school log-in that should be stuck in your homework diary and in your workbook.

Class teachers have these to hand if needed.

You can also use this login to access other maths games on Numbots -


SAM Learning

Your login details are:

Centre ID: WD24PJ

User ID: Your (6 digit) date of birth followed by your initials.

Password: The same as your User ID.

E.g. Adam Smith born on 12th April 2013 would be 120413AS.


If you have any questions, please send an email to your class email address.

Year 3 Home Learning