British Science Week - Scientist of the Week Award Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in British Science Week. Hope you had fun:)

Congratulations to our winners:

Olivia and Cashmere (3Owl)

Zara K and Kirtan (3Robin)

Amrita and Eddie (4Heron)

Callum and Reuel (4P)

Evangeline and Betsy (5Parrot)

Millie and Emillie (5Toucan)

Senuli and Matheesha (6Eagle)

Eshaal S and Aiysha (6Falcon)

Top 5 Science posters 'Innovation for the Future':

Jacob, Amrita and Gia (5Parrot)

Torishe (6Eagle)

Cassidy (3Owl)

 Nature Explorer's Scrapbook Winners:

Emily (3Robin)

Poppy (6Eagle)

Special prize for Science presentation: 'Why science is for me...' went to Caliana (5Parrot).

Also, well done to Cleo (5Parrot) and Lovelle (3Robin) for completing Christmas STEM Challenge!

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