Heritage Boxes

Do not forget that Tuesday 26th February is the deadline for the Heritage Boxes, part of our “Who Do We Think We Are?” ERASMUS+ project.

Each pupil will need a box (shoe or similar) that they can use to collect items that represent or explain their personal family history, values and traditions. PLEASE, if you have irreplaceable items, please take a photo or draw a picture instead of bringing in the item. Items for the box could include: family trees; photos, objects or “heirlooms” (not valuable) that tell some family “story”, information about other towns or countries that the family may have moved from, recordings (or written interviews) with older members of the family remembering their own childhood, favourite family recipes, family traditions or beliefs, any other family traits that may be quirky, unusual or of interest to others!

There will be an exhibition of boxes for parents during the open afternoon on the 1st March together with the Mother Tongue Food festival.


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