PGL Day 4

Phew! What a scorcher it turned out to be!

After our (slightly) early night, we tucked into our breakfast before getting ready for our morning activities. Some of us did Vertical Challenge, a climbing assault course involving ladders, tyres, a climbing wall and netting. Our arms were aching by the end! Other groups did Sensory Trail where we made our way through the woods blindfolded, helped only by the PGL staff and our own communication skills.


Another morning activity was Jacobs Ladder, a climbing challenge involving logs, harnesses and lots of teamwork!
We even had a special guest this morning… Mrs Pipe! (We think she had almost as much fun watching us as we had taking part!)

We definitely earned our lunch today!

This afternoon we took flying lessons on the zip wire and practised our Robin Hood impressions in archery.

Now we’re enjoying another run around the site for the Passport to the World, learning lots of fun facts about different countries.

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